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Have you been dreaming of becoming a nail technician for a long time? Then you have come to the right place.
We offer you all kinds of courses, trainings and also online workshops. You can find these on the webshop: Courses - Nail wholesale Tilburg

It is also possible to follow the basic training with us. This is a 5 day basic training where you learn everything you need to be able to work independently as a nail stylist. For more information: 5-day basic training - Nagelgroothandel Tilburg

The Allround course is very extensive and contains no less than 10 lessons. Here you will learn more different techniques. Think of the baby boom technique, the BIAB technique, nail biters, inlay technique and so on. For the extensive techniques and more information you can take a look here: All Around Acrylic Course - Nails Wholesale Tilburg

For the course it is possible to purchase the necessary products separately in our wholesale business or to purchase a combined course package: Course Packages - Nagelgroothandel Tilburg

It is also possible to book a 1 on 1 training with our teacher Rosa. You can decide for yourself which techniques you would like to perfect. Take a look for more information: Perfection training 1 on 1 - Nagelgroothandel Tilburg

For more workshops and online courses you can also take a look at the website: Online courses - Nails Wholesale Tilburg

Recently we started offering other courses, these courses are given one on one and not in groups, for more information please contact us: 0624438784

-Tattoo Artist Basic 

-Tattoo Artist Allarround

-Perm eyebrows

-Lash stylist one on one

-Eyelash stylist volume and Russian volume